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Moto Mutts is family owned and operated. We love to ride and race motorcycles. Our passion for our own family pets and off-road motorcycle racing/motocross inspired us to create a custom billet aluminum dog tag. These one of a kind front number plate shaped tags include customization to the front and back of the tag. We also have our featured Moto Mutt embroidered dog collars available in your favorite motorcycle color! Show your dog off at the racetrack, sand dunes or any family outing. Proudly represent the Motocross Industry!
Moto Mutts sells a variety of unique and custom motorcycle, motocross, ATV, and off-road products such as fuel jugs, Tugger straps, motorcycle door mats, and HD video goggles, along with custom billet aluminum dog tags and dog products, energy balance power bands and lots more. Moto Mutts has a little something for everyone!
We hope you enjoy our Moto Mutts products.
Moto Mutt Family

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Videos all footage taken with the Liquid Image Video Goggles